The Samantha Project – 

building a humanoid system top down

Welcome to the original site for the Samantha open source project. We will make the skull including electronics and face available to the open source community very soon.

  • Progamme her brain
  • Redesign the software
  • Expand her skills
  • Add IoT, robotics and AI

Heads already available for preorder. Check in the next days and email us at

To view an introduction to the open source platform visit this link:


Samantha V 1.X

Current status: Implemented and growing

Divided into two parts that can work separate or integrated. They consist of the digital part and electronics part, including AI and IoT and the physical part which comprises a humanoid system, the heads, bodies or full humanoid.


Design and implement a fully working humanoid system that can interacts with humans, is currently affordable and ready for industrial production.

Samantha V1.X is an interactive system that:

  • Interfaces with humans
  • Is modular so robotics can be put to work fully online and mechatronics can be added modularly
  • Is adaptable and fully IoT ready
  • Currently works offline but can be put to work fully online
  • Skills can be added easily
  • Interfacing is simple
  • Hundreds of faces available


Samantha V 2.X

Current status: Under development


Making an interactive emotional system with awareness that can:

  • Emit judgements based on internal self thought and interactions with the external world
  • Balance its consciousness and unconsciousness via resting
  • Self analyse itself and self reconfigure itself through internal stochastic thoughts
  • Beta project written in Python 3 and C and a static database


Artificial Intelligence versus Robots


Prediction versus consciousness